Baby sleeping sleeping bag:

  • external dimensions: 50 x 80 cm (+/- 3cm), (0-6 months)
  • weight about 0.6 kg.
  • 100% Cotton
  • color / pattern: In the Garden,
  • filling: antiallergic silicone ovate, basis weight 150 gm2.
  • the special shape of the sleeping bag gives the little one full freedom of movement.


Children love to be cuddled and have a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. This sleeping bag will wrap your baby from the first days of life and make him feel comfortable, warm and safe. Soft material will provide comfort. The child will be cozy and comfortable.
Sleeping bag is one of the essential elements of baby layette. It cuddles the baby, providing him warmth and security. Irreplaceable at home in a cot or in a pram.
The two-sided sleeping bag is made of soft cotton. Thanks to the safe, soft zipper, sewn in around the sleeping bag, we can pick up the baby without disturbing his sleep. The interior is filled with antiallergic silicone nonwoven fabric, which is a perfect filling that gives the baby a feeling of softness and comfort. The nonwoven fabric also provides adequate air flow and prevents the baby from sweating.
This sleeping bag can be completed with other matching products - cocoons, soft Minky blankets, decorative pillows, baskets for toys - so that your toddler's space is harmonious.

Baby Sleeping Bag - In The Garden

    • machine wash with a delicate program at 30º,
    • centrifuge up to 800 revolutions,
    • iron cotton fabric at temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius,
    • use mild detergents,
    • do not use bleach,
    • do not tumble dry.
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