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Baby Cocoon Nest only €44.99 (Shop Now)

A large, double-sided Luxury cocoon 50 x 90 cm, premium cotton and Velvet.

Babies love to be cuddled. Our baby cocoon makes babies to feel comfortable and safe. Soft material is providing comfort as well as a sense of security and warmth. The Baby is cozy and comfortable.

Our cocoon has one of the thickest sides among the cocoons available for sale. The edges are soft, filled with antiallergic elastic silicone ball, so they can be easily formed with a string. Whether the cocoon is more compressed or loose - it retains its form, the edges do not "flap".

Baby Cot Bumper only €35 (Shop Now)

Soft and delicate Cot bumper is a perfect and comfortable for a child protection inside the Cot. Ideal dimensions 180x30 cm - allow for comfortable use of the product in a 120x60 cm cot. Optimally selected length and number of cotton straps (8 pieces, 25 cm each) allows for aesthetic, stable and secure attachment of the protector to the cot.

Baby Boy Bedding Set only €30 (Shop Now)

Babies love to be cuddled, especially Newborn Babies. Our double-sided blanket and pillow will wrap your baby from the first days of life and make them feel comfortable and safe. Soft material will provide comfort. The child will be warm, cosy and comfortable. Warm blankets made of high-quality materials for children are soft and pleasant to the touch, which will allow for a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

Baby Swaddle Wrap only €35 (Shop Now)

The wrap is made of premium digital printed cotton and soft velvet. It has a beautiful bow, thanks to which we can adjust the way it is tied. The inside of the earhook consists of a layer of antiallergic silicone nonwoven fabric, which is a perfect filling giving the earhook the proper rigidity while giving the baby a feeling of softness and comfort.

Nursing Pillow only €34 (Shop Now)

Incredibly soft cushion, which can be used as the child develops psychomotor, accompanying him at various stages of growth. Stable and safe support for a baby placed close to the breast. For mom, it reduces the tension of the neck, arms and hands muscles, relieves the back and allows for an upright, comfortable position without effort. The pillow with a special ergonomic bean shape is recommended by midwives and pediatricians.

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